Saturday, 23 February 2013


I will try not to have high hopes for this, because many things I have hopes for go on to imitate Icarus.

So, we'll start small. :)

My name is Jolène. I live in the part of Canada that mostly justifies the stereotypes of Canadian weather (but hail from a more temperate part of the country, and fie on this stupid incessant cold). I was once truly enamoured of nail art; as a child, I did nail art designs on others at the swimming pool club my family belonged to, wielding toothpicks and braving nail polish fumes from my perch at a table in the girls' changing room throughout the summer. For many years now, that fell by the wayside.

Until I came across this bit of LOTR genius from Sarah Waite at Chalkboard Nails, retweeted by a friend on Twitter.

WELL THEN. Suddenly my 30-odd collection of nail polish colours was insufficient. My plainly-painted nails were boring. I longed for the summer days in which I'd march down the street with my ladybug-shaped backpack clinking and clanging with polish bottles of every imaginable colour.

I'm still small fry. I'd guess my collection to be at around 250, and I don't yet need a spreadsheet for it. I've promised myself to stop at a full Helmer, and we'll see how that goes (wah wah, setting myself up for future failure again). I make no promises of posting frequency until I figure out a good groove for myself, but my hope is to focus very much on nail art instead of swatches-- there are a ton of wonderful swatching resources out there (check the sidebar to the right) and I don't want to reinvent their wheel. I will probably emulate others' designs, especially in the beginning, and there will always be a credit and a link back to them in those situations.

If you have any questions, or random comments, or you feel the need to tell me about your day, or what you dreamt about last night (man, seriously, my dreams last night were bananas, I think at some point there was a rockabilly Jeep/wagon hybrid that I was contemplating buying but wasn't satisfied with its braking power [NB: I don't even drive])... then talk to me! I'm Canadian, remember, and we're a generally friendly folk.



  1. Awesome! Blogs are fun! Can't waiting see what you out up here.

    1. Probably nothing interesting to anybody other than lacquerheads. Maybe Christine will like this stuff, though! She's talented with nail things!

  2. I don't know SHIT about nail polish, but FUCKING BOOKMARKED.

    1. AHAHAHA!! Thank you for always going hard, Adi. <3